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ATP Testing

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ATP (Adenosine-Tri-Phosphate) is an ‘energy giving’ chemical found in all living organisms.  Because it is in ALL living things, including bacteria, it will be found in residues left on equipment and surfaces if cleaning has been poor. 


ATP is a good measure for some clients, particularly nursery schools/soft play areas and also professional kitchens.  If a surface is clean before fogging then any disinfection will be much more effective.


ATP hygiene testing works by combining ATP with a liquid-stable reagent.  The chemical reaction caused by the combination emits light, which is then measured as a direct proportion to the amount of ATP present.


Benefits of ATP Testing:

  • Prove cleaning standards – better than visual inspection and traditional microbiological methods.

  • Identify troublesome areas

  • Fast answers

  • Evidence of due diligence

  • Provides objective data.  This enables trend analysis and continuous improvement.


ATP will not pick up viruses, only bacteria/germs.  Even though not effective in detecting viruses, it gives a good detection of how clean a surface is before and after any treatment supplied.  ATP offers a clear indicator in determining the effectiveness of cleaning processes in removing bacteria.


ATP Testing is a process that provides a rapid indicator of hygiene standards that would otherwise require lab testing. 

Contact us  today if you are interested in ATP testing for your premises alongside another of our services.

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