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Decontamination Service

DECONTAMINATE – to make (an object or area) safe for unprotected personnel by removing, neutralising or destroying any harmful substance.  To make free from contamination; purify


Deep Clean Devils offer decontamination treatments!  With full infection control training including NHS protocols – we are set up with all of the equipment and knowledge to give you peace of mind that your premises will be thoroughly decontaminated.


We have a variety of different products that can be used to decontaminate your premises, depending on your requirements.  From healthcare grade disinfectants, food safe options through to microbial shield products with residual effects – we have everything required to assist you in making your premises safe and ready to be occupied again. 


To demonstrate effectiveness against SARS-COV-2 you should look for the following EN number:

EN14476:2013+A2 2019 A*

This proves that a product used has been tested and will kill SARS-COV-2 – every product we use has this vital standard.


We offer a 24-hour service, with NO CALL OUT CHARGE!  A discrete and effective service to ensure you can be back to business ASAP.


If your premises are affected by a positive COVID test, track and trace or general concerns while awaiting test results – contact us immediately for a prompt and thorough service you can rely on.

Due to the sensitive nature of decontamination treatments, we do not share video or picture footage of these treatments (full video footage is shared with the client ONLY).

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