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Dry Steam Treatment

Dry Steam is a proven treatment for hard surfaces, walls, floors and furniture and can reach into every corner of every surface in a way that conventional cleaning methods cannot.  It is non-toxic to humans and animals, it is food-safe and non-tainting.


Because our dry steam machines use purified/ionised water, there are no chemicals involved.  We have the ability to not only dry steam treat the general area, but can also treat carpets, upholstery etc (for an additional cost using specialised equipment). 

Our high pressure Dry Steam Machines release very fine steam at temperatures of up to 180ºC.  

Most viruses cannot survive in temperatures over 56ºC, therefore you can be assured that the treated area is left secure.


Our commercial grade machines come complete with an integral vacuum system that has been awarded a Clean Show Innovation Award – this integral system ensures surfaces are left clean & dry.

It is recommended that this process is followed by our Fogging Service

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