Our Equipment

We have a variety of different foggers for any premises.  Whatever your situation, we will have fogging machines that are suitable.  Here are some of our foggers:

Commander Tri-Jet Fogger

The Commander Tri-Jet Fogger is suitable for chemical fogging (using pestisides, sanitisers etc) and can also be used for humidifying.


Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, with adjustable particles size and discharge rate, the Tri-Jet can mist up to 9 metres directionally.


Best use in large areas such as big & open office spaces, village halls, warehouses, churches etc. 

Ideal for pest control and also for odour control and disinfecting or sanitising, e.g. in care homes, hotels, food plants etc. Also ideal for deodorising smoke contaminated buildings and the fine fog can penetrate porous surfaces. 


Can also be used to help with mould control using relevant products that are effective in mould control – you must use a professional fogger with relevant training, as per our training, otherwise mould can be made increasingly worse!

ULV 50 Fogger

The ULV 50 Fogger / Disinfectant Sprayer is suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

Can be used portable or stand alone. Ideal for pest control and also for odour control and disinfecting or sanitising, e.g. in care homes, hotels, warehouses, food plants etc. Also suitable for deodorising smoke contaminated buildings, the fine fog can penetrate porous surfaces.

A fast and effective tool for disinfecting all areas large and small (better for large) with constant usage, high engagement and frequent human touch or traffic.

ULV Fogger


The V260-CF Fogger / Disinfectant Sprayer is a professional ultra-low volume cold fogger and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.


This ULV (Ultra Low Volume) pressurises chosen disinfectant solution and disperses it in fine droplets (15 to 30 microns) at a flow rate of up to 400ml per minute.


ULV foggers are suitable for odour control and disinfecting or sanitising, e.g. in care homes, hotels, offices etc. 


This fogger is great for smaller more enclosed spaces, especially due to the directional hose and nozzle.  Great for getting under and around furniture etc.


Also ideal for pest control and to deodorise smoke contaminated buildings. The fine fog can penetrate porous surfaces.
Can be used indoors or outdoors.

Storm Battery Powered Sprayer

The Storm Ballistic Virus Killer is battery powered back pack kit – so no power supply necessary!  It is a fast, easy and effective sprayer for application of any disinfectant to ALL surfaces.  It has a Ballistic Sanitising Sprayer Lance. 


Using any viricidal cleaning fluid the pump will administer an ultra fine spray mist to all the common areas. 


We use this for outdoor areas such as:

  • Outdoor railings etc for access to property

  • Playgrounds

  • Outdoor seating, such as benches

  • Areas where there is no access to a power supply

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