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Steam Cleaning - A Great Solution for Allergies

What is Steam Cleaning?

Conventional cleaning brings multiple chemicals – conventional chemicals can bring a lot of negative side effects. Steam cleaning avoids all of the unhealthy effects of chemical sprays in an indoor environment. Steam is your safe, healthy, eco-friendly and all natural cleaning solution. We have industrial dry steam machines with multiple fittings for a variety of surfaces and furnishings.

- We use Dry Vapor Steam – this creates a natural cleaner for non-heat sensitive surfaces.

- High temperatures of between 160 and 170 degrees Celsius are used to kill up to 100% of common viruses, germs and bacteria strains.

- Cleans and sanitises areas treated.

- Steam can also remove dirt and grime from some surfaces, best in kitchens for grime.

- Steam Cleaning uses ionised water – so no toxic chemicals or solvents. This means it won’t aggravate allergy symptoms or cause respiratory issues.

- Helps to maintain an allergen-free and healthy environment whist killing illness causing germs etc.

- Steam Cleaning can dramatically reduce dust mite allergy symptoms – they are microscopic organisms that live in mattresses, bedding, upholstery, carpets and rugs.

- Steam Cleaning is safe for humans, pets and your home – you can be in the area while treatment is underway.

Steam for Allergies

- Remove viruses, germs, bacteria, dirt and mould – with no chemicals and therefore allergy triggers.

- Allergy-sufferers can have compromised/weakened immune systems, because their body’s are trying to fight allergens – steam is a great solution.

- No need to introduce new pollutants to your environment with this 100% natural solution.

- Remove pathogens and help allergy symptoms to remain under control.

- Reduce dust mite symptoms. Dust mites are parasitic organisms that live off of moisture and our dead skin cells. When they feed and produce waste, they become a huge threat to allergy sufferers.

- Kill dust mites and their eggs by using the dry steam to penetrate into fibres of soft surfaces – and leave no moisture.

- Regular steam cleaning stops new dust mite colonies from forming and helps to form an allergy-free environment for sleep and rest.

- Removes and prevents mould growth.

- Clears away trapped pollutants from your environment.

- Steam Cleaning is more effective at removing debris than vacuuming. Our steam cleaners have an integrated vacuum function – so we can steam and vacuum at the same time. This is great for removing and destroying fleas at all stages. Larvae, eggs and cocoons are particularly difficult to remove with dry vacuuming.

In your home we would recommend a steam clean to ensure a clean, sanitised and sterile environment. This is particularly useful if you are having a fogging treatment. Contact us for more details today!


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