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Updated: Jul 27

The High Street needs all the help it can get in these tough times and so we are offering 30% off all of our COVID Secure Services to the end of July.

This includes our Zoono Microbial Shield treatment which only needs to be applied once a month.

Following all treatments, we supply you with a time-lapse video of the serviced carried out which can be included in your social media campaigns. We also give you a COVID Secure certificate which can be displayed in your window to help reassure your staff and customers you have taken this enhanced step to become COVID Secure.

Is your Covid Secure re-opening cleaning routine taking over your time and business?

Deep Clean Devils can remove this repetitive chore with our Zoono invisible shield Treatment!

Zoono is effective in protecting ALL surfaces and only need to be applied ONCE A MONTH so say “Goodbye” to constant spraying, wiping and disruption and “Hello, how can I help you?” to your customers.

Zoono is nontoxic, non-tainting and is safe for all surface areas.


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